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Amelia Islander

Nassau Diamond Fine Jewelry

Jul 31, 2014 12:43PM
Gary and Sharon Hatchell have lived on Amelia Island for more than 20 years. Gary previously owned two jewelry stores in South Carolina, and, nine years ago, the couple opened Nassau Diamond Fine Jewelry, which has built a solid following of happy customers in the area. “We love what we do,” says Sharon. “It’s a small island, where everyone knows one another. We make sure everyone leaves happy.” Sharon believes that the success of their store comes from offering jewelry for every budget, from high-end diamonds to casual island jewelry, children’s items, watches, and gifts.

One of their specialties is to re-design diamonds in heirloom jewelry into new engagement rings for couples who want to carry on their family sentiment in their wedding rings. “Jewelry is all about emotion, and we appreciate the love and memories that are associated with the jewelry,” says Sharon. Sharon added that all custom jewelry designs and repairs are performed on-site. “Nothing leaves our store,” she states.

Nassau Diamond also re-purposes jewelry, transforming pendants into rings, cuff links into pendants, bracelets into necklaces, wedding bands into heart-shaped memory pendants, and more. “Our full-time custom jeweler is very talented and our customers love his work,” Sharon says. The Hatchells receive emails and letters daily praising their work. “There’s nothing better than making people happy,” says Sharon. For more information, call (904) 277-1993 or visit them at 1743 South 8th Street or on Facebook at Nassau Diamond Fine Jewelry.