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Amelia Islander

BINGO! Amelia River Cruises

Jul 30, 2014 02:00AM
Amelia River Cruises & Charters is partnering with the Amelia Community Theatre (ACT) to bring you 5 special BINGO! cruises in celebration of their upcoming production of BINGO! The Winning Musical. These limited edition cruises will run on Wednesdays from 5-6pm between July 30 and August 27 only. They will include a game of scavenger hunt-style bingo, "called" by our experienced captains and crew and moderated by cast members of ACT's production. During the 1 hour cruise, the crew and passengers will look for sights that are often see on a typical cruise, get a sneak preview of some lines and maybe even some songs from the play, and enjoy an opportunity to mix and mingle with the cast.

ACT's BINGO cast members will keep track of which sights have been pointed out by the captain and crew and are therefore eligible to be crossed off the bingo cards. The first and second passengers to correctly call BINGO will receive 2 tickets each to see the BINGO! The Winning Musical at ACT between August 14 and 31. Tickets for the BINGO! Cruises are now available on or (904) 261-9972 and are $25 each. Tickets for ACT's production of BINGO! The Winning Musical are available at or (904) 261-6749 and are $20 for adults and $10 for children through high school.