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Amelia Islander

Walkin' Nassau at Big Talbot Island

Jun 13, 2014 02:52AM
Walkin’ Nassau is hosting a walk of the new Big Talbot trail, a club meeting, and barbecue on June 18th. The three-mile walk begins at 5:30 p.m., the meeting is at 6:430 p.m. and the dinner is at 6:45 p.m. On the menu is barbecue, chips, brownies, cookies, and bottled water. Guests are encouraged to bring a dish to share.

Walkin’ Nassau is hosting the event to kick off its annual membership drive and thank everyone for their continued support. Come prepared to discuss walk options, to join, or renew your membership. There is a $5 fee to offset the dinner expenses and a $3 parking fee at the park. Tee shirts, caps, and visors will be for sale at the meeting. For more information RSVP to Jane Bailey at (904) 261-9884.