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Amelia Islander

Memorial Day Salad

May 21, 2014 02:00AM
We eat a lot more salads as the weather gets warmer and for our Memorial Day cookout, consider a healthy and beautiful salad instead of mayonnaise-laden potato salad and coleslaw. You can prepare this salad an hour or so before your cookout, and dress it right before serving. It is beautiful and tasty, and pairs wonderfully with grilled meats.

Red, White, and Blue Salad


1 head romaine, coarsely chopped

1 small red onion, thinly sliced

1 cup blueberries

1 cup strawberries, sliced

½ lb. crumbled goat cheese

½ cup toasted pecans

Berry Vinaigrette (recipe follows)

Place the lettuce in a bowl. Place all the other ingredients (except nuts and dressing) over the lettuce in a decorative way. Dress with Berry Vinaigrette and sprinkle with the nuts. Serves 4 to 6.

Berry Vinaigrette


3 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

3 Tablespoons vegetable oil

2 Tablespoons balsamic vinegar

3 strawberries, hulled

¼ cup blueberries

1 teaspoon honey

Place all ingredients in a bullet-style blender. Blend for 1 minute.