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Amelia Islander

Denise R. Scheffer, CPA

Denise Roberts Scheffer and her husband, Bob, came to Amelia Island from Jacksonville in 1989. She opened her first office in the River City after working with Deloitte, but the couple’s love of Fernandina Beach brought them to the island full-time. Denise always knew she would become an accountant. She loved numbers and business, and she had a knack for tax and financial matters. Denise’s accounting firm offers full tax and accounting services for businesses and individuals, including tax returns, audits, payroll, business planning, and more. “Our primary goal as a trusted advisor is to be available to provide insightful advice that enables our clients to make informed financial decisions,” says Diane.

With all her hard work, Denise still finds time to travel. This June, after a busy tax season, she and Bob are off to Africa. The couple is also in the middle of renovating the Waas house in the Historic District. Denise is fascinated with the history of the house, and, when she’s not doing taxes or business planning, she and her husband are working on the restoration. How does she do it all? “I prioritize, organize, and visualize the finish line. I have a hard-working, supportive staff and husband,” says Denise. “I make time to enjoy the journey with family and friends. I constantly remind myself that no matter how challenging the workload, it always gets done.” For more information, call (904) 277-6572 or visit