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Amelia Islander

Giving Tree a Tribute to Donors at Barnabas

Apr 23, 2014 02:00AM
When Barnabas opened their new facility on Jasmine Street in December of last year, they approached the Island Art Association about painting a “Giving Tree” on the wall in their lobby. The idea was offered up to members of IAA, and artist Sharon Haffey stepped forward to paint the tree. In keeping with Barnabas’ new slogan, “Building More Room for Compassion,” the tree sports heart-shaped leaves with the names of Barnabas’ major donors. The Weaver foundation was the main contributor to the new building, and in addition to the 200 volunteers and other donors, Barnabas’ new building demonstrates how a community comes together for the greater good.

“I believe this is just another example of one local not-for-profit providing a helping hand to another charitable organization,” says Mike Clemens from IAA. “It is my understanding that Sharon donated all of her time and the materials to make the donor tree for Barnabas.” Barnabas provides a food pantry, crisis assistance, a medical and dental clinic, and mental health assistance to those in needs, along with many other services. For more information call (904) 261-7000 or visit