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Amelia Islander


Mar 13, 2014 01:16PM
Bill and Brenda Latimer had been coming to Amelia Island for 30 years before they settled here. Bill worked for General Electric in New England, and Brenda was in home interior design. The two knew that they would eventually retire to Amelia Island, but neither suspected that they would start their own business after retirement.

When the Latimers owned a condo on the island several years ago, they discovered that each time they came for a visit, something had gone wrong. Damaged screens or a broken hot water heater—no matter how big or small the problem, it was bothersome. “I wish then that we had someone reliable who would look in on our condo while we were away,” said Bill. “That’s how Brenda and I came to start out own business.”

Six years ago, Bill and Brenda bought a home at Amelia Island Plantation, and they decided to help out some neighbors by looking in on their homes while they were away. “Since we live at the Plantation, we don’t have to worry about getting through the security gate. Everyone knows us here and trusts us. It’s a perfect fit!” Bill and Brenda check on homes and notify the owners if there are any problems. With Home B4You, a homeowner can have maintenance done before they arrive if something has gone wrong. “Most of our clients are at the Plantation,” says Bill. “But we can look in at homes anywhere on Amelia Island.” For more information, call (904) 430-3004. To see what services, they offer visit