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Amelia Islander

Seventh Street Gallery Reception

Dec 23, 2013 02:00AM
On Saturday, January 4, from 4 to 7 p.m., the Seventh Street Gallery will hold a reception for Wayne Howard for his exhibit of Eagan’s Creek. This is a special one night showing of Howard’s newest work, and your opportunity to say farewell to the founders of the gallery.

Wayne Howard began his photographic journey as a kid with a folding Kodak camera. That adds up to a total of 60 plus years of looking through a lens. He worked in chemical darkrooms developing and printing black and white and color photography. As new technology entered the picture, Howard adapted. Graduating from the University of Florida as an electrical engineer, digital technology easily found expression in his art. He attended public, private and commercial photography classes, and private seminars to hone his skills. Howard’s work has been published in newspapers, national and area magazines, the Internet, and featured galleries.

Howard’s photographic goal is to capture the essence of the image, that elusive spirit that goes beyond the “postcard” moment. He wants the viewer to feel the damp misty morning, hear the raucous cry of the gull, the clang of the halyards, and the briny smell of the sea. In other words, he wants you to experience what he felt the moment the picture was taken.

Howard is currently an instructor at the Florida State College of Jacksonville in the continuing education program where he teaches classes in beginning digital photography and Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom image editing.

During Howard's show, you will have the pleasure of meeting the new Seventh Street Gallery owners. The gallery is located at 14 South 7th Street, Fernandina Beach. As it is a historic residence, it is not handicap accessible. Call (904) 432-8330 for directions or more information.