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Amelia Islander

K.D. Tobin Offers Workshops at Island Art Association

Oct 18, 2013 02:00AM
K.D. Tobin is a painter, sculptor, writer, filmmaker, peace activist, designer of furniture, interiors, landscapes, and now, instructor for Golden Artist Colors. Painting for more than 30 years, Tobin has worked in Paris, France, and the Tuscany region of Italy. Vivid colors and primitive forms spread across often outsized canvases - they are hallmarks of his work. His pieces hang in many private and corporate collections, and a sampling of his imagery can be seen at Tobin’s workshops will be held on November 11 and 12; Tobin will supply all of the gels, mediums, paints, wet and dry samples, iridescents, interferences, and Micaceous Iron Oxide, along with all of the necessary substrates to make and create upon. He will also be bringing along a supply of additional products as part of door prize giveaways for all of the paid workshops. All attendees of the free "A to Z Acrylic Lecture Demo" will also receive a free small sample bag of product and an informational packet. Most workshop attendees come away from these classes with an amount of that equals or exceeds half of their attendance fee. All classes are fast paced and technique centric.

For more information about the workshops and Tobin’s art call the Island Art Association at (904) 261-7020. The gallery is located at 18 North 2nd Street. Visit their web site to check out their other events and workshops, at