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Amelia Islander

Crescendo Amelia at Amelia Community Theatre

Oct 14, 2013 10:07AM
If you’re looking for the best in big band and live music, Crescendo Amelia is proud to offer a spectacular show on Thursday, October 24, at 7:30 p.m., featuring an 18-piece big band and guest vocalists. Held at Amelia Community Theatre, this is a premier event, performing music made popular by Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble, featuring vocalists Chris Thomas, Leelynn Osborn, and Ross Brown. Like any great drummer, Frank Basile has always been nostalgic for the big band sound of years gone by. What a thrill it must have been to hear Gene Krupa take the band through “Sing Sing Sing” or dance all night as Glen Miller took his players through endless choruses of “In The Mood”! It’s no secret that even for an accomplished gigging musician, big band shows are hard to come by. It was never enough just to play tunes, show up at some bar and wait for the check. Frank wanted something more. “I’ve always dreamed of creating something larger than life, of leading a modern day big band with my drums as the driving force,” says Basile. “but it wasn’t easy!”

“Getting accomplished musicians to dedicate their time on an ongoing basis to a project that may or may not pay, sometime in the future, with the hopeful promise that we get gigs X, Y and Z isn’t exactly the easiest hurdle to overcome. You can’t just talk them into it over drinks after the gig. You have to give everything you have and invest in the musicians who really care about each & every note. We started rehearsing in January 2013 after a stray Craigslist post somehow found its way to some of the area’s top players,” says Basile. “The first few rehearsals we’re rough; we were missing parts, rehearsing in a basement & cobbling together musicians from all different walks of life. It went on for weeks, months like this and I had my doubts. In private after the first few rehearsals got out, a few of the guys would stay late and encourage me. They were tired too but they believed in something, in what we were trying to do & who we are striving to become.” Then the calls came, slowly at first. Then the vocalists started to show, the list of “will call” players grew ever longer and the band started to make its way in Northeast Florida. Today Crescendo Amelia performs big band music at its best. Ticket price of $30 includes pre-show snacks and one drink voucher. For more information or to purchase tickets visit