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Amelia Islander

Happy to be Home!

Jul 31, 2013 02:00AM
I’ve just gotten back from vacation in New England, something I look forward to every year. But oddly as it seems, the best thing about vacation is coming back to Amelia Island! Each time I drive over the Shave Bridge, I reflect to myself, “Ahhhh…I’m home!” And although I was born and raised in New England, Amelia Island truly feels like my real home.

So what do I do when I get back from the North Country? The thing I don’t do is unpack or clean up my house. I’m back on my island paradise and I’m ready to get back to island life. The first day I return I get up at dawn and head straight to the beach for an early morning walk. How beautiful it is, a cool breeze is blowing gently, and the beach is still and serene. After my walk I head out to my yoga class, something I missed while I was away. After that I stop to visit a friend, who serves me a light lunch and gets me caught up with everything that’s going on around town.

My next trip is to the Atlantic Rec Center, to swim laps in their pool. This time of year is perfect for that because since the children are heading back to school, the pool is not crowded. I always get to swim my laps without waiting for a lane, and even get some tips from the young lifeguards on duty on how to improve my strokes.

Tired, but happy to be home, then I head back to the house to get some things unpacked, go through my mail, and return the many phone calls I got when I was away. Am I sad that my vacation is over? Hardly…when you return to Amelia Island your vacation has just begun!