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Amelia Islander

A Spontaneous Summer Garden

Jul 26, 2013 02:00AM
Here’s an idea for a spontaneous garden we came up with this summer. The funny thing is, the garden planted itself! Here’s how it happened. We hung a couple of bird feeders in front of our kitchen window so that we could watch the birds in the morning while we are having our breakfast. The birds came slowly, at first, but before we knew it, at least 30 species of feathered friends have become regular visitors to our feeders.

Sunflower seeds are their favorite food, attracting lots of cardinals, bluebirds, and even woodpeckers. We noticed that as sunflower seeds fell to the ground, they began to sprout plants, along with some of the other seeds, like millet and wheat. One day we decided to cordon off our sprouted sunflowers, so that our yard guys wouldn’t mow over them. And in less than a month, we have a beautiful garden of lovely blooms!

Our feeders are alive with birds, and our sunflowers attract lots of butterflies, bees, and even dragonflies. We’ve started to dry out the sunflower heads to be used for the winter, and in the meantime, as we pick the heads, more and more sunflowers are coming up. We’re not really sure how long the season is for these magnificent blossoms, but as long as they keep growing and the birds keep coming, we may be enjoying our spontaneous garden for several more months.