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Amelia Islander

PajamaDave Voorhees Creates Line of Clothing and Accessories

Jun 17, 2013 02:00AM
We know him as a boat captain for Amelia River Cruises. We see him riding his motorcycle around Amelia Island. We know him as an ordained minister, performing wedding ceremonies on Amelia Island Beaches. But what we really know about PajamaDave Voorhees, is that he wears pajamas, every day of his life, in all sorts of weather, and for every occasion.

Voorhees believes in living life comfy, so he developed his own signature line of clothing and accessories called Pajama Life, Livin’ Life Comfy. Clothing includes none other than, pajamas, of course, but also tee shirts, boxer shorts, decals, and beverage koozies. Other items in the works include flip flops and beach wraps. PajamaDave began his reputation as a pajama-wearing construction worker, while working on a job near St. Michael’s school. Children would walk by him and shout, “Hey! Pajama Man!” When he told the children his name was Dave, the kids then called out, “Hey PajamaDave!” The name stuck, and the rest is history. Voorhees has worked closely with Alexandra Maddox, creating the logo and designs for the line. They currently sell the merchandise at the Amelia River Cruise office at the Fernandina Beach harbor, at Halftime Sports Bar on South 8th Street, and Amelia Island Trading Company on South Fletcher Ave. For more information about Pajama Life merchandise, call the pajama man himself at (904) 335-0559.