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Song Writers Contest at the Florida House Inn this Thursday, April 4

Apr 01, 2013 02:00AM

When Terry Smith was 14 years old, he started his own band called “Terry and The Tornadoes.” He wrote many of his own songs, and developed a real talent for putting words to music to tell a story. He’s come a long way since then, writing hundreds of songs, including a jingle for the first Hooters Restaurant in Clearwater, FL, back in the 1980s. After more than four decades of song writing, guitar playing, and singing in various musical groups, Smith appreciates the work and creativity that go into making music. He’s one of Amelia Island’s favorite musicians, and currently plays in the Mike Hendrix Band.

Smith has been hosting Open Mic Night for aspiring musicians at the Florida House Inn every Thursday for over a year now, and is proud to announce his newest endeavor, a Song Writers Contest, the first Thursday of every month at the same venue.

Here's how it works: Smith posts a theme to challenge his song writer friends – this month the theme is “Promises.” The song writers have written their songs and signed up to perform this Thursday. (He limits the number of song writers to twelve.) Beginning at 8 p.m. the song writers and their musician friends will perform their songs, and be judged by a panel of their peers, using criteria that considers all aspects of a good song –lyrics, melody, arrangement, and structure.

There will be cash prizes for the winners, drink specials for event goers, and fun for all the song writers and attendees. The Song Writers Contest begins at 8 p.m., so be sure to get to the Florida House Inn early to grab a seat. For more information, call Smith at: (904) 412-7665.