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Local Film Maker Debuts Release at the Amelia Island Film Festival


The Amelia Island Film Festival kicked off last night and runs throughout the weekend, featuring sand, sun, film, and fun! And exciting for Amelia Island residents who know how hard our own favorite film maker, Julie Ferreira, has worked, to write, direct, and produce her film, Release, which will be featured at the festival this year.

Release will be shown at the Florida House Inn on Saturday, March 23 at 8:30 p.m. and the cost is only $5. Release is a short dramatic narrative based on the life of a young heroin addict. The film takes a bleak, yet frank journey with Josie, an intelligent yet addicted 25 year old, as she struggles with her demons upon being released from prison.

Her parole and subsequent release is based upon staying with her brother (whose wife detests her) and Josie working at the job he has previously arranged for her. Her life hangs in the balance when she finds that the job has disappeared due to the economic downturn. Release features local talent who worked closely with Ferreira in creating the film.

“I had wanted to create a work that would challenge the audience and show a human story behind a complex and controversial subject matter such as intravenous drug use. I saw working with Josie, a character that is on a rocky journey, as an opportunity to also delve into how I jump to conclusions and make judgments about people and their plights in the world,” says Ferreira. “ I also wanted to encourage the audience to dig deep into their emotional responses and look at how and what they think about the world and people who are in it.”

Also being screened at the Florida House Inn is Sands of Time by Chris Hestland, which was filmed at Fort Clinch. Tickets are $5 at the door.For more information about the Amelia Island Film Festival, which is held at several venues around the island, visit their web site at: