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Amelia Islander

State Parks Galore!

Mar 01, 2013 02:00AM

Just south of our beautiful island paradise is yet another group of island state park paradises, and when you think about it, we’re pretty lucky to have so many state parks located so close to us. I’m talking about Amelia Island State Park, the George Crady Bridge Fishing Pier State Park, Big and Little Talbot Island State Parks, along with Fort George Island Cultural State Park, and Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve, all just barely south of Amelia Island on A1A. Maybe too many state parks to visit in one day, but definitely ones that need to be on your state parks bucket list.

The dynamic coastal habitats and rich cultural history are fun for all who visit, whether to canoe, kayak, surf, or fish. The camping is great, and hiking is one of our favorite hobbies. Try a refreshing swim with the kids, and a picnic on the beach with your sweetheart. And now that the bike trails are in place, you can cycle from park to park with great ease and enjoyment. There is also horseback riding, beach combing, and bird watching, and the thing we love about these parks is that the beaches are quiet and serene, and you can get away from the crowds.

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