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Amelia Islander

Take a Walk in Your Backyard

Feb 22, 2013 02:00AM
We all have a tendency to make too much of a simple walk. We head out to the beach, to the streets of Fernandina, power-walking our way to fitness and fresh air. But did you know that a leisurely stroll in your own backyard can provide a quiet and rejuvenating break from your day? You don’t always have to burn lots of calories on a walk – quiet reflection is as good for your body and soul as is a brisk walk.

I decided to try a quiet walkabout in my own backyard, and was surprised to see how many things I didn’t notice out there before, simply because I never took the time. Right before we had that cold snap, my yard was dotted with beautiful mushrooms, and blossoms of color. The birds, hawks, and squirrels were making the biggest racket, and I couldn’t believe how tall our pine trees have grown.

Even with our recent chilly weather, a short walk in my backyard was invigorating. A little wind on my face felt great. Pulling some weeds around our winter greens was well worth having slightly chapped hands when I came into the house later. Visit your backyard this weekend, and just see what you’ve been missing!