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Amelia Islander

4th Annual Amelia Island Garden Show

Feb 13, 2013 02:00AM

The 4th annual Amelia Island Garden Show will roll out nature's brightest colors for two days on March 2 & 3, 2013, at Central Park in Fernandina Beach. With growers and nurseries from around the state, the Amelia Island Garden Show will feature more than 50 vendors with a full assortment of flowers and plants, fruit trees and palms, orchids, herbs, container gardens, native plants, butterfly-friendly plants, shrubs, garden accessories and more.

On-site experts will offer advice as to "greening" your home, yard, and garden. An "Ask the Expert” booth will offer short presentations and demonstrations from fertilizing to sustainable gardening. Another featured attraction is The Raptor Experience, an up close encounter with live birds of prey. This is an exceptional opportunity to become aware of Florida's unique, native and migratory raptors. Information will focus on these magnificent birds, their natural history, and their importance to us and our environment.

From fresh pastries and a coffee latte for breakfast, to delectable arepas and comfort food for lunch, a Picnic Bench Dining Court serves something to suit every taste. And don't miss the event’s Gourmet Marketplace with gourmet foods and produce booths throughout the show.

Ticket prices are $4 for one day and $5 for two days. For more information, go to