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Amelia Islander

Plant City Strawberries are Here!

Feb 08, 2013 07:49AM
There’s nothing more beautiful than a bowl of freshly grown strawberries, and if you live in Florida, you know that Plant City Strawberries are king. This time of year, if you get an opportunity to drive down to Plant City, you’ll see farm workers in every field, working hard to bring us the reddest, ripest berries on the planet.

The berry business is worth hundreds of millions to Hillsborough County every year, but it’s not just the pickers and growers who are dependent on the strawberry industry. The people who make the boxes, the packages, drive the trucks, run the refrigeration equipment, and repair the irrigation pipe - everyone in the community, and around Plant City, revolves around making the strawberry crop successful, and getting it into the hands of the consumers. Businesses like the Parksdale Farm Market, the largest family-operated strawberry and citrus market in Florida, harvests more than 3 million pounds of strawberries every year.

The Florida Strawberry Festival is held in Plant City February 28 through March 10, where you can enjoy strawberries any way you like them, ride a ferris wheel, and see some great entertainment, including Chubby Checker and Alan Jackson.

So when you buy your strawberries, be sure to look for the words “Plant City” on the package. Our favorite way to eat them is right out of the box, of course! For more information about the upcoming Strawberry Festival visit: