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Amelia Islander

Day Center Offers Hope for the Homeless

Dec 26, 2012 02:00AM
The Coalition for the Homeless of Nassau County, Florida, brings together more than 100 agencies, organizations, and individuals working together to prevent homelessness and improve conditions for those experiencing homelessness.  And thanks to a new program, the Day Drop In Center, there is hope and a future for those going through difficult times. The Center offers special services including respite from the heat and cold, showers and laundry facilities, snacks and beverages, a mailing address and phone number to use on job applications, assistance in applying for benefits, and referrals to other agencies.

Over 200 individuals were identified as homeless in Nassau County during the January 2012 count, and there are not enough shelters to house those in need. Many people living in Nassau County are just one paycheck away from being homeless, due to job loss, or family problems such as divorce. The Coalition for the Homeless of Nassau County has a mission to help ensure that adults and children in need have food, shelter when weather gets too cold or too hot, and a place to go where they feel welcomed. Volunteers to work at the shelter are needed, and donations are appreciated.

The shelter is located at 1005 South 14th Street. For more information about their services call (904) 556-2496 or visit: