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Amelia Islander

Bikes for Barnabas is Changing Lives

Dec 24, 2012 02:00AM
If you’ve asked Santa for a brand new, adult bicycle this year, what are your plans for your old bike? Why not consider donating your used bike to Bikes for Barnabas, a local program that helps homeless and underprivileged persons get transportation to work every day. Many folks who finally find work after months of searching, then must spend several hours per week walking back and forth to a job that might be several miles away. Bikes for Barnabas helps people get back on their feet by providing a bike to go out and get a job, get back to work, get their own place to live, and eventually turn their lives around.

Phillip Scanlan, who came up with the program that works through the Barnabas Center, says, “We have numerous success stories already with our adult bike program. It’s changing peoples’ lives, one bike at a time.” Bike donations are brought to Cycle & Fitness Center, where, through the generosity of owner Joel Beckman, the bikes are repaired and made safe to ride. Then the Barnabas Center matches up people who need the bikes for work.

If you’d like to donate your used adult bike, it might be the best Christmas gift you can give this year. For more information, contact Philip Scanlan at [email protected], or call Cycle & Fitness Center at (904) 277-3227.