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Amelia Islander

Butterfly nursery

Nov 07, 2012 02:00AM

When artist Sandra Baker-Hinton is not painting, she’s saving things - rescuing precious, little creatures, one at a time. That’s the way my friend Sandra takes on the world, and she is to be admired. Known around Amelia Island as “The Turtle Lady” for her work protecting endangered sea turtles, she also raises baby squirrels who have fallen out of their nests, and now, Monarch butterflies are making their way into the Baker-Hinton home.

Well, not the butterflies, actually, the caterpillars are the ones who are adopted by Sandra, who feeds and cares for them until they form their chrysalises. Then when they hatch, she sets them free. She writes about her experiences on Facebook and also on her web site.  Here is one of her latest posts:

“One more thing and then I am going to get to work. This is our first Monarch to emerge this year. After swearing off raising them indoors, I have reached a compromise situation after something was eating all the tiny caterpillars as soon as they could hatch. I gather the eggs, take them inside to hatch and reach a decent size (less than an inch) then move them to the outdoor plants (much cleaner inside that way and I feel healthier for the caterpillars). Watch them carefully then bring them inside where they are protected from ants and let them form their chrysalis inside a butterfly tent. This is the first to emerge and be released into nature. a beautiful female.”

For more information about Sandra’s projects and her artwork, visit: