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Amelia Islander


Nov 01, 2012 09:00PM
What a glorious week it has been! To think that when I lived in New England I spent many of my Fall weekends raking leaves, stacking firewood, and searching for my winter clothing.  Not on Amelia Island! My sweaters and jackets hang forlornly in the back of my closet, not to be worn for another couple of months, and I spend my weekends at the beach.

Welcome to the Amelia Islander’s very first blog post! To give you a little background on what a blog is, the word means “web log”, a term used to describe a sort of diary or daily entry that is posted on the internet, for the public to see. In our case, the Amelia Islander is a monthly magazine, and a blog is a great way for us to feed our readers information several times a week, instead of just once a month.

So when you pick up a copy of our magazine, you’ll read in depth articles about the people, places, and goings on around the island. And when you read our blog, you’ll get the latest information as we get it, about the events, lifestyles, and interesting folks we run into every day. So when you need your Amelia Islander fix, visit our blog Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And in the meantime, hope to see you at the beach!