Platoons of Pelicans

A common sight along the Atlantic Coast and the Gulf of Mexico, the Brown Pelican is a remarkable diver whose population has made a strong recovery since the 1970’s.

Amelia Fresh Café

Located inside Nassau Health Foods, Amelia Fresh Café now offers a delicious breakfast, prepared with the freshest ingredients, as well as muffins, bagels, and great coffee.

Shrimp, Swigs, and Bar-B-Q is June 5

Spend an unforgettable evening of aboard the “Southern Sophistication: Shrimp, Swigs & Bar-B-Q” Amelia River Cruise on June 5 at 7 p.m. Glide along the waterways of Amelia and Cumberland Islands as you enjoy live music, scenic sunset views, and a delectable Southern feast featuring low country skewers expertly paired with ales selected by Jessie, […]

What Is Memorial Day?

Observed the last Monday in May, Memorial Day honors those who lost their lives while in service to the United States during peace and war. Memorial Day 2024 is on Monday, May 27. Memorial Day is not a celebration, but a solemn day to reflect on veterans and military personnel who are deceased. Unfortunately, it […]